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AKAPIN appeals for Your Involvement in OUR CAUSE

AKAPIN was born out of a vision for a disabled friendly Philippines. In spite of our meager resources pooled together, we started moving to work for our vision. We need volunteers to join us and be one with us in commitment to make a brighter for younger generation of persons with disabilities( PWDS)

How to Help

There are several ways to get involved with the campaign. For example, you can:

* Help plan an event - We are conducting orientation on disability issues for parents, support groups, local officials, volunteer groups and persons with disabilities who are not yet involved in the movement.

* Distribute literature. We have campaign materials ready for distribution. You can also help by texting oe emailing your friends to reserve their votes for AKAPIN  

* Volunteer to do some works in our office.

* Speak at an event. We need people who can easily communicate our cause and vision to the public;  

* Make a donation. We need funds to support our movement.

Contact Information

Mr. Jess Docot, AKAPIN President

G/F SUKOB Bldg. Karangalan Village
Felix Avenue, Pasig City 
Telefax: 632-646-3976

Number 2 Nominee
Dr. Teofilo "Toto" de la Cruz

Having an orthopedic disability acquired in his teen years, Dr. Toto de la Cruz is a General Practioner in Medicine. He is a UP Graduate and engaged in medical practice for 12 years. Although he claims to be new in the sector, his commitment to improve its situation is well demonstrated by committing his time and resources helping his fellow PWD in Cabacan, North Cotabato.He is currently the Chairman of Region XII Federation of Persons with Disabilities. He leads the AKAPIN Mindanao Office located at G/F Zazan Bldg. F. Inigo St. Davao City. Contact: 639206243030

Number 1 Nominee
Capt. Oscar J. Taleon, PN (Ret)

A visually impaired due to progressive sickness, Capt. Taleon is veteran in advocacy for the disabled, having been in the sector for more than 30 years. His name remains untarnished and well respected even by young leaders. He is the incumbent President of AKAPPINOY and Chairman of Kapisanan ng Mga Sundalong May Kapansanan (Alliance of Filipino Soldiers with Disabilities). 


Atty. Jonathan Capanas is CPA Lawyer and presently the Dean of College of Law of San Jose Recoletos college in Cebu City. Being a father of a visually impaired child, he represents parents of children with disabilities and a committed advocate of EDUCATION for ALL children with disabilities.  He is the sole nominee from Visayas Island Groups. He leads the AKAPIN Visayas Office

Campaign Headquarters * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234